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    23 Moments Theater-Lovers (And Performers) Know All Too Well

    Obviously there's "I can't, I have rehearsal," but what other theater moments have we all endured as stewards of the Broad-way?

    That feeling when Aaron Tveit smiles.

    When no one in the room follows your RENT references.

    When someone only knows Liza Minnelli as Lucille 2.

    I know, it sounds crazy, BUT IT'S HAPPENED TO ME.

    When you need to pause your DVR recording to just applaud Andrew Rannells' seamless transition into TV.

    Obviously we all miss him on Bway, but you have to admit that was a flawless career move.

    When the boys knock on the girls' dressing room door to ask for help with their stage makeup.

    That moment when the stage hands decide you're cool and ask you to hang out with them at coffee break.

    When you're alone backstage and you see that there's only one more lozenge.

    This is your moment.

    When you're in a middle school show and you're wondering if the director is actually going to make the leads kiss.

    Particularly troublesome when you're doing Hello, Dolly! and the kiss is a major plot point.

    When you know how to rock your audition song in your head, but it's just not translating to real life.

    When your BFF has the showmance you'd imagined for yourself.

    When you wear a sign saying you're on vocal rest and then everyone asks you questions about your vocal rest.

    That moment when you heard "Being Alive" for the first time.

    When the Next to Normal OBC recording is the only thing getting you through the day.

    When you think about how you'd sell your soul to be a Keenan-Bolger.

    When you have a major on-stage mishap and you have to pretend like you did it on purpose before the audience catches on.

    When people try to talk to you about how good Les Mis is but they've only seen the movie.

    When it's time for a jazz square.

    There's ALWAYS a jazz square.

    When you hear the words "be off book by next rehearsal."

    When the wardrobe team suggests finding your costume at Salvation Army.

    For some reason the wardrobe team is always convinced that thrift shops have period dresses appropriate for The Music Man...

    That moment at an audition when someone asks to start again because they're sick and their voice isn't up to par.

    Realizing your character shoes are finally broken in.

    That way your musical director reacts when you show up to rehearsal without a pencil.

    And when there's a standing ovation.