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    16 WTF Things That Are Just Everyday Events In Fife

    "Pensioner's huge cock is tourist attraction." Hmm, you don't say?

    1. Hilariously batshit classified ads.

    Twitter: @MRceltic1888

    "Awww that's ok just take it anyway and go on a diet xx." Er, naw.

    2. Inappropriate business names.

    "Master-Baitz Fishing Supplies." Nice.

    3. And charming shop displays like this:

    4. Random farm animals wandering around estates...

    5. ...goats in cars...

    6. ...and horses down the pub.

    This was in Burntisland too. WTF?

    7. Unusual methods of transport.

    8. Police updates like this:

    Twitter: @LevenmouthPol

    All hail Levenmouth Police.

    9. And crimes like this:

    You don't need to be Taggart to solve this one.

    10. Fast food restaurants with an attitude problem.

    "Can I have one Bitch Fries, a Bastard Fries, a Fuku Fries, and two round, dry, flat pieces of beef please? Thanks."

    11. Spectacularly bad parking.

    Twitter: @celticgal74

    Mainly in Kirkcaldy.

    12. Sweary, rude number plates.

    What a pair of "W33 BAM"s.

    13. Just Eat reviews like this:

    14. Intense bin theft paranoia.

    Um, why does the message on the right look like it was written in blood? Are there a lot of vampires in Glenrothes?

    15. And bins attached to car roofs.

    Facebook: chelsea.macdonald98

    Hang on, that belongs to those vampires. Give it back!

    16. And, of course, utterly batshit news headlines.

    Fife, what on Earth would we do without you? Please never change.

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