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    19 Wholesome Facts That'll Make You Realise The World Isn't All Bad

    No, I'm not happy crying, you're happy crying.

    1. After the Fukushima disaster, one man stayed behind to care for all of the animals and displaced wildlife.

    2. The voice actor who plays Winnie The Pooh calls sick children and chats to them in character.

    3. There are fences in Germany that protect migrating frogs and keep them safe on the road.

    4. Last time Liechtenstein went to war, they sent 80 soldiers. 81 came back, because they made a friend.

    5. Billy Joel never sells front-row seats, instead he gives them away for free to fans who can't afford them.

    6. In 2005, Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch bought 400,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest to preserve it.

    7. In 1977, a group called the "9 Nanas" began to secretly meet to help people in need. They're still doing it.

    8. Marvel Comics invented a brand-new superhero to encourage a little boy to wear his hearing aid.

    9. There are biker gangs who help child abuse victims feel safe by escorting them to court.

    10. And Truckers Against Trafficking is a group of truckers who work to rescue sex-trafficking victims.

    11. After being fired from Disney World, a millionaire paid for free daycare for a whole Florida neighbourhood.

    12. In 1984, a man asked his waitress to help him choose lottery numbers. He won, and tipped her $3 million.

    13. Bill Gates has given away $28 billion since 2007.

    14. The Italian government gives all 18-year-olds a €500 "culture bonus" to spend on trips to the theatre, etc.

    15. A kid from Seattle has befriended a group of crows, who bring gifts like jewellery and other "treasures".

    16. Hundreds of love letters between two gay World War II soldiers are being made into a book.

    17. Swedish blood donors receive a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.

    18. German law prohibits killing animals for no "proper" reason, so their shelters are all no-kill.

    19. And there's a place in Costa Rica called Territorio De Zaguates which is a huge, no-kill dog shelter.