19 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened In Fife

    "Where do you get your fishing supplies?" "Master Baitz."

    1. When the owners of this Kinghorn church centre clearly wanted people to come inside.

    2. When someone asked Alistair for a business card, and got this:

    3. When a Dunfermline man decided to call his fishing shop "Master-Baitz".

    4. When Wess decided to sell his brick.

    5. And when Caroline decided to sell her dress.

    "Aw that's ok just take it anyway and go on a diet."

    6. When this bendy woman used her powers for evil.

    7. When Asda in Kirkcaldy was just asking for trouble.

    8. And when a shopper left this selfie on one of Asda's iPads.

    9. When this genius decided to rob his local shop.

    10. When the world's worst superhero went on the run.

    11. When Devyn decided to audition for Arbroath's Next Top Stuntman.

    12. When this kettle salesman forgot how reflective surfaces work.

    13. When a seagull tried to eat a toddler on live TV.

    Seagull launches attack on toddler as editor of Fife Free Press is interviewed on @BBCNews channel https://t.co/06fKpJrUE9

    14. When thieves somehow made off with an entire children's roundabout.

    15. When a furious driver needed 16 Post-Its to express his feelings.

    16. When someone decided to take their goat on a wee day trip.

    Someone left a goat in their car boot... Only in Fife 💙

    17. When a Raith Rovers training session was casually interrupted by a horse and cart.

    Only in Kirkcaldy could Training bé invaded by a horse!

    18. When the Dunfermline Press told the stories that really matter.

    19. And, of course, when this Kirkcaldy woman claimed that space aliens bummed her behind Farmfoods.