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    28 Reasons To Never, Ever Visit West Lothian

    It's the armpit of Scotland.

    1. For some reason, people actually choose to live in West Lothian.

    Geo246 / Getty Images

    Blackness in twilight.

    2. Haven't they heard that it's the worst place in Scotland?

    Geo246 / Getty Images

    The Knock viewpoint at dawn.

    3. I mean look at it – it’s a depressing, boring dump.

    Flickr: 50826080@N00 / Creative Commons

    Morning mist on the River Calder.

    4. There are no interesting, historic sights to see.

    William Mckelvie / Getty Images

    5. In fact, you won't find anything remotely iconic in West Lothian at all.

    Sakhanphotography / Getty Images

    The Forth Bridge seen from South Queensferry.

    6. And if you want fascinating ancient sites, you should go to Orkney or something. / Creative Commons

    7. You won't find anywhere quaint or pretty to eat in West Lothian.

    8. And even if you do find somewhere, there won't be anything decent on the menu.

    Facebook: terracerestaurantwestlothiancollege

    Stuffed ballottine of chicken with butternut squash mash and pea purée at The Terrace Restaurant in Livingston.

    9. And you're shit out of luck if you want a pudding, too.

    Milk chocolate and raspberry marshmallow cheesecake from Artisan Cheesecakes in Bathgate.

    10. Wildlife? You must be having a laugh.

    Scottish Viewpoint / Alamy Stock Photo

    Red deer in Beecraigs Country Park.

    11. There's nothing wild or unspoilt about West Lothian.

    Geo246 / Getty Images

    A sunbathing heron on the River Almond.

    12. Art? Culture? Ha, there's definitely none of that either.

    Jupiter Artland sculpture park, Wilkieston.

    13. There are no pretty walks to take at all.

    Geo246 / Getty Images

    Binny Craig, Uphall.

    14. And the towns are all ugly, new-build housing estates.

    Elxeneize / Getty Images

    High Street, South Queensferry.

    15. Plus it's full of scary, unfriendly gangs.

    Ring-tailed lemurs at Five Sisters Zoo.

    16. Spring in West Lothian is a downright ugly disaster.

    Beecraigs Country Park.

    17. Summer is beyond a joke.

    Flickr: hagdorned / Creative Commons

    The Forth Belle with South Queensferry in the background.

    18. Autumn is seriously dreadful and bleak. / Creative Commons

    Dechmont Law in Livingston.

    19. And it looks like total crap in winter.

    Flickr: andrew_girvan / Creative Commons

    The Pentlands from East Cairn Hill.

    20. If you're looking for interesting places to visit in West Lothian, don't bother.

    21. Everyone knows that West Lothian is boring as hell.

    22. You find pretty castles in the Highlands. Not here.

    Douglas Mcgilviray / Getty Images

    23. And you won't find any stunning, palatial stately homes either.

    Flickr: ipohkia / Creative Commons

    24. Or any enchanting woodland glades. / Creative Commons

    25. It's all just a built up, ugly suburb of Edinburgh, basically.

    Bermrunner / Getty Images

    Fields near Wilkieston.

    26. There's honestly nothing at all to recommend it.

    Peter_macdonald / Getty Images

    Linlithgow Loch.

    27. You definitely shouldn't hop on a train and visit next weekend.

    Chee Seong Foo / Getty Images

    Rapeseed field near Kirknewton.

    28. Seriously, just stay away.


    Hogmanay celebrations in South Queensferry.

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