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    19 Shitty Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Say "What The Actual Fuck"

    "Well, that's my Halloween costume sorted" – You, after reading this.

    1. "Pubescent Frog of Silent War"

    Everyone's favourite hero!

    2. "Creepy Cloth"

    3. "Sexy Mega Spice Box"

    Twitter: @dublin_girlo

    It is not clear if this comes with free doner meat and onion rings. Hopefully it does.

    4. "Mister Safety"

    Twitter: @dailypopunk

    Teach people a valuable public health lesson this Halloween.

    5. "Sexy Potato"

    Finally, a costume that sums up how I feel when I forget to contour.

    6. "Sexy Subordinate"

    Twitter: @Bootleg_Stuff

    Other rejected names included "Erotic Employee."

    7. "Energy Bill"

    Twitter: @robboma24

    Because nothing is scarier than a £182.47 heating bill.

    8. "Sexy Ha1loween Whopper Green Poop"

    "So, how did you guys meet?" "Well, I was at a Halloween party dressed as a lump of green shit..."

    9. "Boy's Video Game Murderer"

    Do you want to look like someone who murders boys' video games? Now's your chance!

    10. "Hashtag"

    Twitter: @RoodaMarta


    11. "Sexy Ebola Containment Suit"

    Twitter: @gaecokayne

    Because nothing gets people horny quite like a terrifying global pandemic.

    12. "Smiley Poo"

    Twitter: @MerielMyers

    "Mom, can I please be Iron Man for Halloween?" "No, you will be a turd."

    13. "Sexy Factory Worker"

    Twitter: @abulic_monkey

    Warning: This clothing does not meet current chocolate factory health and safety requirements.

    14. "Night Time Romeo"

    Twitter: @joelstice

    Night Time Romeo's nemesis is Day Time Romeo, champion of the sun.

    15. "Kiss Ass"

    Twitter: @Matthewfox13

    A free poop cigar?! I'm sold.

    16. "Lost Adult"

    Facebook: bootlegpage

    "This adult is definitely not named Wally. Move along."

    17. "Deceased Hero"

    Twitter: @jeansvaljeans

    Just $80! What a bargain.

    18. "The Rice Is Strange"

    19. And finally "Sexy Halloween Costume"

    For people who just can't decide between "sexy Harambe" and "sexy Ebola nurse."

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