26 Pictures That Prove Scotland And Australia Are The Same Country

    "Want to climb Mount Buggery with me?" "Can't, I'm off to Twatt."

    1. We can never get anywhere because of sparring animals.

    2. And our birds are the fucking worst.

    3. Plus, wildlife seems to pop up when you least expect it.

    Seal Pup named Smartie saved from storm In Stranraer ends up on car dashboard Via http://t.co/tTnXZ50pxX

    4. Our domesticated animals do whatever the fuck they want as well.

    5. We know how to have a damn good time.

    6. We're neck-and-neck when it comes to rude place names.

    7. And we aren't afraid to drop a c-bomb, in fact even our politicians do it.

    8. Our patriotism knows no bounds.

    9. Our advice for drivers is very direct.

    10. We have an identical approach to portion sizes.

    11. Our older people are refreshingly smutty.

    never add ma maw on snapchat 😺😺😺

    12. And so are our local papers.

    13. And, most importantly, we won't be terrorised by anything.