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    21 Times Scottish Teens Didn't Give A Single Fuck

    "Shauni ended up that mwi she nicked a toffee gun outta McDonalds."

    1. When "Kellls" took her birthday a bit too seriously.

    2. When Zola got this deeply regrettable tattoo.

    Can't forget @zeeeewilly's act of madness last summer ๐Ÿ™ˆ

    Remember kids, crap meme tattoos are for life, not just for Kavos.

    3. When Scott's mates decided to get rid of him.

    Twitter: @scottjohnston8

    He's probably dead now.

    4. When this wee bam decided to show off his language skills.

    When someone says swearing's unattractive

    (NSFW unless you've got headphones on).

    5. When Roddy's pals decided he'd look better covered in dicks.

    6. When this guy thought he was an envelope.

    Currently rolling about inside his bedsheets absolutely mwi, shouting "am an envelope" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    7. When Mark got cunted and stole a lamb.

    Facebook: 653789334701294

    Follow up statement from Colin: "for all you angry people greetin about the lamb, we let him go, he told all his wee lamb pals he had a mad weekend in Peebles and went back to eating grass and shitting everywhere, no harm done."

    8. When this kid signed his mate's dad up as an Avon rep.

    Kid A: "Ur da does the AVON!!!!! Ahahaha."

    Kid B: "Ur a pure dik man."

    9. When Shauni got shited and nicked a toffee gun.

    This is Shauni, Shauni went out for a "social" drink n ended up that mwi she nicked a toffee gun outta McDonalds

    Look at the crazed look in her eyes. She's clearly not afraid to use it.

    10. When this middle-class Milky Bar Gang terrorised Newton Mearns.

    11. And when these banter merchants showed this sweet shop a thing or two.

    @TheLadBible So...yeah, some wee neds scratched off some of the sign at the local sweet shop....

    Mmm, sweet, delicious fud.

    12. When Martin showed no loyalty to his best friend.

    Boy across the road fae me tried to swap his dug for a bmx ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Twitter: @kris_macdonald1


    13. When Rebecca's fleeto decided to take on ISIS.

    14. Not to mention the time Roddy challenged "Mrs Terror" to a duel.

    Facebook: dailyrecord

    One of the less popular Mr Men characters.

    15. When Jennifer went on a New Year spree and sparked a massive (wo)manhunt.


    "What a riddy!!"

    16. When Caroline failed on every possible level.

    Who on Earth could ever be that desperate for a night out in Kirkcaldy?

    17. And when Ross (sort of) won.

    18. When this shoeless badass was a shoeless badass.

    Twitter: @_weSayHayley

    What a character!!!1!

    19. When Martin had a "mad one".

    @andrew_gibbins1 had a mad one last night #glasgow #mwi

    Such japes.

    20. When Gregor took a huff.

    Canny believe Gregors away in a huff cause we were slagging him for dressing like a train seat hahahahah

    21. And, last but by no means least, when these neds took planking to a whole new (even stupider) level.


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