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    19 Times "Still Game" Made You Piss Yourself Laughing

    The Scottish TV show is a national treasure.

    1. When Navid made this spot-on observation.

    2. And when he came out with this belter.

    3. When Jack and Victor tried to come up with the perfect advert for scones.

    4. When Winston asked to help out in Navid's shop, and showed off his glowing references.

    5. When Victor took the piss out of Isa oh-so-perfectly.

    6. When Jack came out with this sassy AF comeback.

    7. And when he shut down Winston as well.

    8. When Robbie Coltrane popped up...and got burned too.

    9. When Jack had a typically Glaswegian reaction to Victor expressing his feelings.

    10. When Navid wasn't as generous as he seemed.

    11. When Jack and Victor visited an "Irish" pub.

    12. And when they had a whisky tasting.

    13. When Chris was a fucking numpty.

    14. And when Victor basically said he'd let Jack die alone for the chance of some free milk.

    15. When Winston got bothered by the neds.

    16. When Victor told Jack's dead wife to "back aff".

    17. When Jack and Victor got a bit too overconfident while shopping.

    18. When Tam took the piss during a power cut.

    19. And when Jack made this spot-on observation about the current state of the NHS in series 7.

    Welcome back, Still Game, we need you more than ever.