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    21 Times '90s Fashion Brands Went Way, Way Too Far

    Even hipsters won't want to re-create these looks. (H/T Fuckyeahugly90sclothes.)

    1. When Sears thought these trousers were OK.

    Facebook: 90swereawesome

    But they were not OK.

    2. Not to mention these ones.

    Also not OK.

    3. And when they decided that '90s girls wanted to dress like haunted Victorian dolls.

    4. When C&A blessed us with this masterpiece.

    5. When Ann Summers featured a woman in a lace playsuit romancing a jackbooted officer.

    6. When Esprit wanted everyone to look like they were doing a 10am booze run after a sleepover.


    7. When Sega brought out clothing that was clearly inspired by a clown-themed fast-food restaurant.

    Twitter: @SEGANerds

    I'm not lovin' it.

    8. And when Cross Colours tried to compete.

    9. When Gap decided that we wanted paisley waistcoats that made us look like nans.

    Or possibly '90s British snooker player John Virgo.

    10. When these people did not look great.

    Because showing up dressed head-to-toe in Mickey Mouse-themed clothing definitely won't make your date call the police.

    11. When Sears attempted (and failed) to "do" grunge.

    "What do Nirvana dress like again, Nigel?"

    "Thrift-store garden gnomes."

    "Ah, OK, cool."

    12. When this shoe atrocity was committed.

    Seriously though, what the fuck is this?

    Is there no God?

    13. When JNCO answered the question: "But can raver jeans really ever be too wide?"

    Twitter: @LootByLouise

    Yes, yes they can.

    14. When this outfit was somehow allowed to happen.

    15. When Postscript decided that the ideal beachwear was a thick, mustard-coloured tracksuit.

    16. When...*gestures frantically at all of this*


    17. When Alyce just went "fuck it".

    There's no such thing as too many sequins, apparently.

    18. When Nike invented the luminous banana shoe.

    19. When Sears dressed this teen as a medieval jester.

    20. When Yasmin Le Bon's fashion range took power clashing to a whole new frightening level.

    21. And when Candies shoes decided that this was the perfect way to advertise their product.

    "Hey, she looks like she's doing a shit! I must buy those shoes!" – no one, ever