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32 Things About Edinburgh That Will Surprise You

Who's up for a gin cruise?

1. There's a little corner of the Wild West tucked behind some Morningside tenements.

2. One of the best views in Edinburgh is from a castle, but it's not the one you think.

3. And the view from Harvey Nick's isn't bad either.

4. You can hang out with cats at the Maison de Moggy.

5. You can take a gin cruise along the Union Canal.

6. Or go to a gig in a museum.

7. You can soar above Europe's largest climbing arena.

8. Or take a flying lesson if you're feeling adventurous.

9. Or if you don't like heights, why not learn to sail on the Firth of Forth?

10. You can take the best Facebook profile pic ever at Camera Obscura.

11. And hang out with an owl on the Royal Mile.

12. There's a secret bar that serves oak, coffee, caramel, and almond flavoured vodka.

13. There are huge landforms dotted around the city.

14. And amazing gardens hidden behind every corner.

15. You can take a Punjabi cookery class in Leith.

16. There's an authentic, 19th-century Turkish bath in Portobello.

17. We have a bar that looks like a barbershop.

18. And a barbershop that's also (sometimes) a bar.

19. You can go to a whisky tasting in the dark.

20. Or take a guided foodie walk around the city.

21. And then burn off the calories with a running tour.

22. There's a Museum of Fire on Lauriston Place.

23. You can sample boozy ice cream at Hoot the Redeemer.

24. Or enjoy chilli-chocolate shortbread on the go.

25. You can brew your own beer at Krafty Beer Club.

26. Or invent your own signature gin cocktail in an underground bar.

27. You can explore a creepy man-made cavern.

28. There's a gorgeous farm in the heart of the city.

29. There's also a herd of ponies in the Pentlands that you can take for a spin.

30. We have an art deco cinema, with sofas.

31. You can grab a coffee at a secret herb garden.

32. Or go all out with a toasted marshmallow milkshake.