The 19 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened In Scotland

    Warning: don't read this unless you want to die from second hand embarrassment. (H/t Scottish Tweets)

    1. This unfortunate mistake.

    2. These very useless pens.

    3. This awkward Valentine's mix-up.

    4. This embarrassing photo shoot.

    5. This painful accidental text.

    6. And Rachael's job application fail.

    7. This mum and her spunk joke.

    8. And Jodie's maw, who's just as bad.

    9. Although they both pale in comparison to this mum.

    10. Tam, who chatted up his cousin.

    11. Zola's tattoo.

    12. This WTF introduction, which is painful to read.

    13. This total riddy of a boyfriend.

    14. And Callum's girlfriend, who is a *bit* jealous.

    Why would you think that this was a good idea?

    15. This weird AF exchange.

    16. This absolute numpty.

    Oh Jenna.

    17. And this one.

    18. This...situation.

    19. And finally, this bum-clenching misunderstanding.

    "Think he meant isis as in the girl who also commented." 😳 😳 😳