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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    25 Nagging Difficulties Every Horseless Horse Person Faces

    Horse magazines. Horse magazines everywhere.

    1. You've loved horses since you were a kid, but there's one slight drawback...

    2. don't actually own one.

    3. Maybe your S.O. is allergic to horses.

    Remember when Queenice found out she's extremely allergic to horses good times

    *Cough* break up with them *cough*

    4. Or maybe, like a lot of people, you don't happen to have a spare several thousand pounds floating about.

    5. Either way, one thing's for sure: It's tough being a horseless horse-lover.

    6. Walks take forever because you can't pass a horse in a field without stopping to befriend them.

    7. And you can't handle it if they won't come over to say hi.

    8. And if you ever see a foal, you basically just die.

    9. Donkeys aren't immune from your advances either.

    10. In fact, your phone is probably full of photos like this:

    11. You spend all your time browsing horse classified adverts.

    12. And you know exactly what you'd name your future horse.

    13. You read all the detailed horse care tips in the endless supply of magazines you buy.

    14. And probably own at least one bridle or saddle you picked up at a sale "just in case."

    15. Friends laugh at you when they find the stash of horse books you owned as a kid.

    16. You go to showjumping and cross country events just to stare at the horses.

    17. And if you see a police horse while you're on a night out, you'll hold everyone up to say hi to it.

    18. If you meet someone who happens to own a horse, you immediately try to befriend them.

    19. The only thing you've planned about your wedding is the fact you want to ride in on a horse.

    Even though you know that will probably never happen. Damn those restrictive wedding venue health and safety laws.

    20. And you've genuinely considered keeping a mini-horse as a house pet.

    "It's cool, we'll just hide it from the landlord when he comes round."

    21. Whenever you have more than no pounds, you use the cash to book a trek at the local riding school.

    22. You beg to be allowed to catch, groom, and tack up before you ride.

    23. And it breaks your heart when it's time to say goodbye.

    24. In short, you just can't wait until you (somehow) find a way to adopt the horse of your dreams.

    25. But until then, you'll keep on making friends with other people's.

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