16 Weird Things You Won't Believe People Used To Believe, Believe Me

    Witches used to steal men's penises and keep them as pets, apparently.

    1. That breast milk is coagulated menstrual blood.

    2. That you could cure illnesses with a tobacco enema.

    3. That evil spirits lurk in Brussels sprouts.

    4. That some babies were changelings.

    5. That travelling by train could cause instant insanity.

    6. That witches stole penises and kept them as pets.

    7. That you could cure depression and anxiety by jamming an ice pick into someone's eye socket.

    8. That we misplaced an entire continent called Mu.

    9. That drinking gladiator blood could cure epilepsy.

    10. That menstruating women could kill swarms of bees.

    11. That sperm looked like teeny tiny little dudes.

    12. That redheads would turn into vampires after death.

    13. That California was an island.

    14. That our eyes shoot out beams of invisible light.

    15. That gin was a cure for gout and indigestion.

    16. And that there was a bull who had acid poop.


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