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19 Sadistic, Appalling, And Hilarious Things Gamers Have Done In "Skyrim"

Poor Lydia. H/t this Reddit thread and Skyrim Confessions.

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Bethesda Softworks

"I killed the revellers near Falkreath because I thought they were bandits. Even worse, I left one of them alive because I realized my mistake. He never knew who killed his happy drunk friends." - PatsyDragon


Bethesda Softworks

"For whatever reason, this is what I feel the worst about doing: I had a giant spawn near my Falkreath house during my second to last playthrough. Instead of killing him, I named him Roger and went out of my way to not aggro him when I was outside. Whenever I would get home from a week's worth of adventuring, Roger was always there to greet me with an arm wave and club shake. I miss Roger.

On the other hand, that sweet giant camp swag." - Brothdw


Bethesda Softworks / BuzzFeed

"When Lydia gave me sass about "carrying my burdens", I took her to the Throat of the World and shouted her off. But I'm willing to bet 98% of us have done something like that." - Williams0579



Bethesda Softworks

"Sacrificing Lydia to Boethiah to complete the quest. I didn't feel too bad about it at first because, you know, it was Lydia. But shortly after a courier gave me a note saying she'd left me 100 gold in her will, and that made me feel like a jerk." - JangoF76


Bethesda Softworks / BuzzFeed

"One time I was walking west on the road south of Dragon Bridge, and I saw a wolf on the road, so I shot it with my bow. It wasn't a wolf. It was Meeko. I murdered Meeko. :'(" - Kramerika183



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"I recently managed to convince the Caller in Fellglow Keep to let me take the books and go without a fight. As soon as I grabbed them all, I walked around her and killed her with a well placed arrow to the back of the head." - Denimjo


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"First, I murdered Vittoria Vici while she was giving her speech. Then, I killed her grieving fiance. Then, I stole her wedding outfit from her coffin and got married while wearing it. What can I say? Her dress was to die for." - Noelleis


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"I broke into a house, found a sleeping couple, and cast fury on them both until one killed the other. The survivor didn't see me and I crept out again. I totally framed a man for the murder of his wife." - Just_Dandy

16. / Bethesda Softworks

"Ever since getting the Mace of Molag Bal I've had a taste for killing priests. So far I've skullbashed the dude near the Shrine of Talos in Whiterun, and decapitated one in Riften. I think I might have a problem."


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