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22 Photos That Prove English And Scottish Politics Are Worlds Apart

"Foot balls comingg it fuck ya wanks."

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English politicians grabbing lunch:

David Cameron, man of the people, eating a hot dog with knife and fork

English politicians having breakfast:

This posh Tory MP didn't know what porridge was and it ended in disaster


3. Scottish politicians at high school:

Nicola Sturgeon used to be a cracking wee guy. Played right back for the school team, never shat out a fifty-fifty.

English politicians at high school:

Eton Bullingdon boys .. Can you spot UK Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson ? ..

Political rallies in England:

The PM is currently holding a rally in Cornwall, in what appears to be a massive cow shed


English politicians casually grabbing a beer:

I'd resign if I was a politician and someone photographed me holding a pint like Goldsmith here. By @jeremysphotos.


7. Election candidates in Scotland:

Packed venue for tonight's #GE2015 hustings in Selkirk. 7 candidates of different political colours. 1 in armour!


English politicians fundraising:

Posh Tory Jacob Rees Mogg puts his NANNY up for auction to raise money for Out campaign

10. Political photocalls in Scotland:

Love this pic that our photographer @wulliemarrphoto took today. May I introduce Ruth Davidson...on a buffalo.

11. Scottish politicians playing sport:

Alex Salmond is his name and football is his game