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22 Tweets You Need To Send To Your Best Pal Right Now

"When yer mwi and an average song comes on but you look at yer pal like its some kind of special song between you"

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1. For the pal you grew up with.

How sad is it that one day was the last time you went out to play with ur pals n you never even realised it 😟

2. And for the pal you'll grow old with.

mental tae hink that you nd a pal ae urs won't be able to go to each others funeral, blew ma mind


8. For the pal who knows a dangerous amount about you.

Sooo weird to think in 10 years you'll be at some of your friends weddings doing a speech about weird they were 😭😭


11. For the pal who always puts other people first.

Pmsl callums just failed his driving test cause he stopped to ask me if a needed a lift πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


13. For the pal who's a bit crap at expressing their feelings.

when yer lit HAPPY BDAY!! HAVE AN AMAZIN DAY LYSM❀️Xx n they reply "thanks x" :| a take tht right back haha, hope yer cake goes up in flames

15. And for the pals who send you hilarious patter 24/7.

group chats are brilliant man, one minute yer slagging some poor cunt off n the next yer aw trying tae solve the meaning ae life


17. For the pal you never want to offend.

Ever go to write a tweet about something in general and then your like naw a canny cause my best pal does that

19. For the pal who thinks they know it all.

see when yer buzzin to tell yer pal suhin and they're like "aye I know" fuck off naw ye dinny

20. For the pal you love even though they're a numpty.

Dominos asked robbie how many slices he wanted his pizza cut into 4 or 6 n he said 4 cause he couldn't eat 6