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    19 Scottish People Who Should Be Banned From Shops For Life

    Think of the children. Won't someone please think of the children?

    1. The shameful Glaswegian who did this in ASDA.

    Twitter: @glen1873

    They could have at least pointed the guy's feet the right way.

    2. This Lanarkshire guy, who's turned "borrowing" shopping trolleys into a lucrative career.

    3. The bloke at ASDA in Kirkcaldy who left this on one of the display iPads.

    4. This deeply rude DIY store joker.

    So shocking: Klmnopqrst is a disgusting word.

    5. The filth-wizard who rearranged these cushions.

    Twitter: @Susanna_McLean

    This is criminal.

    6. And the bawbag who did this.

    Twitter: @LovingDannys_

    Won't somebody please, please think of the children?

    7. The menace to society who did this:

    8. Not to mention this:

    Twitter: @raevonnemartin

    ASDA, what on Earth were you thinking introducing this range to Scotland?

    9. And whoever went to town on these coasters.

    Twitter: @Pcipete

    Is nothing sacred?

    10. The shop worker who designed this classy display.

    11. Whoever decided to sell a plastic bag of Lambrini.

    "No bottle? No problem."

    12. And the Glasgow supermarket employee who decided fruit cider was a healthy breakfast choice.

    Twitter: @ImperfProduct

    "Raspberry flavour? Yeah, that's practically muesli."

    13. This smutty shop owner from Fife.

    14. And the Glaswegian who came up with this name.

    Ban this sick filth.

    15. This enraged shopper in a Glasgow Waitrose.

    Twitter: @cwhiting

    To be fair, £1.75 is quite a lot to pay for garlic. You could buy a bottle of breakfast cider for that.

    16. Whoever thought that this monstrosity would be a good way to sell bathrooms.

    17. And the Edinburgh shop owner who did this.

    18. "Perfect for Rolf Harris impersonations." Really, Dundee Cash Converters? Really?

    Twitter: @Kris_M7

    Shame on you. Shame on all of you.

    19. There's simply no doubt about it: We really shouldn't be allowed in shops.

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