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    23 Scottish People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    It could be worse. Much worse.

    1. This extremely tired dad.

    2. This forgetful traveller from Dundee.

    3. This Aberdeen man, who really really hates his job.


    "Looking back, I should have just phoned work and asked them for the day off." Um, yeah, you think?

    4. Rachael.

    5. This deeply unfortunate bride.

    6. Ross.

    He's probably still sleeping on the floor.

    7. This unfortunate T in the Park reveller.

    8. Not to mention whoever owns this tent.

    9. Scott Johnston.

    Twitter: @scottjohnston8

    R.I.P. Scott.

    10. This sweary builder, who got stuck on a roof.

    11. Roisin...

    12. ..and John's colleague.

    13. This woman, who mistook her hand for a DVD.

    14. Katie...

    Twitter: @katstew2

    You should dump him, hen.

    15. ...and Callum, who has a slightly possessive GF.

    You should probably dump her, pal.

    16. This Dunfermline man's pal.

    Twitter: @NoorSiliem92

    Well, ex-pal, presumably.

    17. Grant.

    18. Stephen's parents.

    19. Mike "Someone shat down my chimney" Williams.

    "If I get my hands on the bastard I'll kick him in the arse so hard he'll never shit again."

    20. Big Mick, who's probably on the run now.

    Never come between a Scottish mum and her homemade jam.

    21. William “Bucket Heid” Middleton.


    22. This Aberdeen girl, who also got stuck in a bin.

    23. And, not to be outdone, this guy.

    Twitter: @imbadatlife

    WTF? Clearly, as a race, we really need to stay away from bins.

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