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21 Scottish People Who Definitely Have A Death Wish

RIP in advance.

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7. These decorators.

cant stop watching this hahaha

Who should probably find a new job that doesn't involve ladders, or they may soon become dead.

8. And this poor builder, who's also in the wrong job.

"Where the fuck am a meant to put ma weight ya fuckin' wankstain."

12. These unfortunate and foolish souls.

Grabbing a tire mid swing = very unwise.

14. This absolute madman.

That pond is 100% bird shit. He'll probably die of swan flu or something.

17. Chloe, who probably shouldn't be allowed to live on her own, or use scissors.

Twitter: @Corrie_Imrie

She needs to be kept in a secure facility somewhere nice and safe, and given no access to interior decoration supplies.

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