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    Posted on Jun 9, 2016

    22 Photos That Prove Scotland And America Are Food Twins

    Fancy a Glasgow salad?

    1. Sandwiches in America:

    Sandwiches in Scotland:

    2. Bar snacks in America:

    Bar snacks in Scotland:

    3. Barbecues in America:

    Barbecues in Scotland:

    4. Burgers in America:

    Burgers in Scotland:

    5. Fast food in America:

    Fast food in Scotland:

    6. Breakfast in America:

    Breakfast in Scotland:

    7. Soft drinks in America:

    Soft drinks in Scotland:

    8. Cakes in America:

    Cakes in Scotland:

    9. Salad in America:

    Salad in Scotland:

    10. Pizza in America:

    Pizza in Scotland:

    11. Coffee in America:

    Coffee in Scotland:

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