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21 Times Sarah Millican Was Each And Every Woman

She is our comedy leader.

1. When she made this important point about dieting.

2. When she gave better advice than any agony aunt.

3. When she came out with this perfect response to an idiotic chat-up line.

4. When she explained why men don't watch How To Look Good Naked despite the bare boobs.

5. When she summed up how so many of us feel about women's magazines.

6. When she gleefully revealed her New Year plans.

7. When she had far too much going on in her life to remember humdrum words.

8. When she made this point about portion sizes.

9. When she explained why she chose her career.

10. When she summed up how we all secretly feel about healthy eating.

11. When she had the perfect response to Stephen Fry's assumption that all women want children.

12. When she came up with this handy life hack.

13. When she was the funniest panel member on 8 Out of 10 Cats (as usual)...

14. ...and went on to destroy Sean Lock's sexist café idea in a single sentence.

15. When she summed up how we all secretly feel about nights out.

16. When she made this point about ludicrous beauty standards...

17. ...and highlighted how bad society makes us feel when we don't live up to them.

18. When she invented the best makeover show ever.

19. When she gave this motivational speech.

20. And this deeply inspiring one.

21. And finally, when she wrote this incredible response to trolls who mocked her appearance.

We love you, Sarah.