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    23 Sexy Photos Of The Dude From "Outlander" That'll Give You A Ladyboner

    Tlachdmhor agus tàlantach.

    1. Here he is proving that skipping is a sexy sport.

    2. Here is is smouldering on the red carpet.

    3. Here he is rocking a kilt while patting his colleague.

    4. Here he is standing next to a chocolate labrador.

    5. Here he is meeting some (rightfully) ecstatic fans.

    6. Here he is looking at some malt grains, as you do.

    7. Here he is looking like someone's just taken the piss out of him, and he's not sure if he's annoyed about it.

    8. Here he is smouldering on another red carpet.

    9. Here he is after beating Caitriona at tennis.

    10. And here he is looking beautiful at a party.

    11. Here he is looking like he's just remembered that he left the oven on, but in a sexy way.

    12. Here is is squaring up to his own photo.

    13. Here is is surrounded by very lucky women.

    14. Here he is looking incredibly smiley and fresh-faced.

    15. Here he is striding through the Scottish highlands.

    16. Here he is impersonating a member of Megadeth.

    17. Here he is planking on top of a mountain.

    18. Here he is standing upright on top of a mountain.

    19. Here he is proving that he can look gorgeous even when he's covered in fake blood.

    20. Here he is just being his best, finest self.

    21. Here is is proving he is the most handsome of men.

    22. Here he is pointing at an eagle.

    23. And here he is just being ludicrously goddamn hot.