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    22 Scottish Tweets That Are So Wholesome They'll Make You Shit Rainbows

    Relax and let these hilarious dogs, cats, and mums soothe your troubled soul.

    1. This top tip:

    2. This unexpected seat buddy:

    3. This awesome auntie:

    4. This truly brilliant request:

    5. This religious doggo:

    6. This truly heroic gesture:

    7. This universal truth:

    8. These deeply funny nurses:

    9. This response to a petty neighbour:

    10. This great idea:

    11. This hilariously frugal wine mum:

    12. This reminder to be kind:

    13. This devoted duo:

    14. This genius business idea:

    15. This spot-on observation:

    16. These cats and their best friend:

    17. This stylish Shi Tzu:

    18. This helpful graffiti:

    19. This brave, honourable, noble shopper:

    20. This reminder that folk are nicer than you think:

    21. These incredibly happy dopplegangers:

    22. And this caring AF wee dog: