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23 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Foot Doctor

Will you please wash your GOD DAMN feet before coming to see us.

1. Let's start by getting one very important misconception out of the way: WE DO NOT HAVE A FOOT FETISH.

2. Although having said that, we don't really understand why so many people think feet are gross.

3. And we do develop a habit of staring at people's feet.

4. You can get nasty infections from pedicures.

5. We don't just deal with feet.

6. One of the most common issues people come to us with are ingrown toenails.

7. But, and this is important, DO NOT try to treat an ingrown toenail yourself. Ever.

8. Please wash your feet before you come to see us.

9. A lot of people, women in particular, are really embarrassed about showing us their feet.

10. Stinky feet can be a sign of an underlying issue.

11. And we sometimes diagnose serious illnesses.

12. No, we can't "just take a quick look at" your spouse's/other four children's/aging mother's feet.

13. Diabetes plays utter havoc with feet. Like, for real.

14. In many countries, podiatrists perform amputations.

15. Your shoe size actually changes over time.

16. And you should be particularly careful to make sure high heels are the correct size.

17. Sorry, but we can't recommend ballet flats either.

18. And flip-flops are even worse.

19. Walking barefoot on hard floors is a no, too.

20. Toe nails can get insanely gnarly.

21. Which means things can get a bit grim when we're cutting them, or trimming foot calluses.

22. But at the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone to finally walk without pain.

23. And when people say thank you it makes it all worthwhile.

This post was put together with the help of a Glasgow-based podiatrist with over 11 years experience in the field.