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    19 Scottish Landmarks That Are Actually Really Crap

    "Ben Nevis is very steep and too high."

    1. Ben Nevis: "Too high."

    Maas-ter / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "My girlfriend was crying at one point. When we did get to the top there was nothing there (Mount Snowdon has a pub, restaurant and toilets at its top)."

    2. The Ring of Brodgar: "Not much for the kids."

    Juliane Jacobs / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "It's a ring of standing stones. Quite impressive but not much for the kids other than a walk round. Free entry."

    3. Dunnottar Castle: "A heap of rubble."

    Doisneau / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "To call this a 4 star visitor attraction seems to be ambitious! In my home country, we would not have been charged for entry into a castle in this state of ruin."

    4. Loch Ness: "Nothing special here."

    Maui01 / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Nothing special here, just a regular lake like so many others with incredibly expensive tour to hear stories."

    5. Eilean Donan Castle: "Not much to see."

    2630ben / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "expectations were not met. It was very pokey and there was not much to see either inside or out."

    6. Skara Brae Prehistoric Village: "Health & Safety Issues."

    Hilary Wardle / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Overpriced dangerous attraction with unruly children running around. Staff acknowledged there were Health & Safety Issues but did nothing about it."

    7. Edinburgh Castle: "Not much in it."

    Bmpix / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "I am from scotland and was so disappointed with the castle not much in it or to do just gift shops waste of money would recommend not to go to it better castle about scotland. edinburgh is dirty and full of junkies."

    8. Glencoe: "Underwhelming."

    Karolina Grabara / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "We all had high expectations for Glencoe as we had heard from many natives about how wonderful it is. There really did not seem to be a whole lot to it."

    9. The Royal Mile: "Why?"

    Albertpego / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Why would you go to a place like this? Can't you find a commercialized collection of dime stores selling bric-a-brac closer to home?"

    10. Arthur's Seat: "Just a big hill."

    Chameleonpaint / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "I mean its just a mountain behind the castle... its not even that big... sorry i just dont get what all the fuss is about... if mountains are your thing better off going up the cairngorms or brecon or something i would say."

    11. Duart Castle: "Poorly turned out."

    Flickr: alanclark / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Very poorly turned out and appeared to be in need of repairs."

    12. The Fairy Pools: "Quite dull."

    Alex_west / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "I had been told wonderful things about this place, but actually I found it quite dull and frankly I don't think it worth a deviation from the main road. Many more interesting places are in the area."

    13. Glasgow Botanic Gardens: "wILL NOT BE BACK AGAIN."

    Flickr: erreeffe / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "In a sorry state and not worth the trip. wILL NOT BE BACK AGAIN."

    14. The Cuillin: "Nothing special."

    Aenyeth / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "You would definitely pass by Black Cuillin and Red Cuillin while driving. And that is all it warrants. Nothing special."

    15. The Burrell Collection: "Boring."

    Flickr: dalbera / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Very boring, utterly bored, couldn't be any more bored."

    16. Falls of Dochart: "It's water and rock."

    Alanfin / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Eh?! What can I say..... It's water and rock wow!! Eh if your passing then yeah go see it but don't make a special trip to view it."

    17. The Forth Rail Bridge: "The only reason to go there is to get to Fife." / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "The only reason to go there is to get to fife - unless engineering is your thing in which case it may or may not be interesting."

    18. Culloden: "I am very bored off it so bye."

    Hebexp / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "The Culloden Battlefield is a lot of money just the walk around and look at guns and reconsecration of the battle and ware battle clothes i am a local to the Culloden Battlefield so i visit it a lot and i am very bored off it so bye."

    19. The Old Man of Storr: "Not really worth the effort."

    Fedevphoto / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / TripAdvisor

    "Given the amount of interesting and worthwhile things there are to do on Skye I'm not sure why The Old Man of Storr gets such a high billing. It's a tall rock."

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