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    19 Guys In Kilts Who Just Want You To Know They're Here For You If You Need Anything

    Mop your troubled brow with their lovely kilts.

    1. These men, who will attend to your every need.

    They will also build you fires and put up shelves.

    2. These handsome yoga enthusiasts, who want you to let go of all your worries.

    3. These charmers, who want you to try their cake.

    4. This determined man, who won't let anything stop him from supporting your endeavours.

    He will support the fuck out of you.

    5. This thunder-thighed god, who'd love to spend some quality time with you.

    And share his whisky.

    6. Ewan McGregor, who wants you to know he cares, and he's around if you need anything.

    7. This wry fella, who thinks you're very funny, and can't get over how fine you are.

    "You are so fine." โ€“ This guy.

    8. This dashing Scot, who wants to hear all about your day in great detail.

    9. This groom, who wants to take you up the aisle.

    Yep, he'll take you right up it.

    10. Billy Boyd, who wants to offer his unconditional support, love, and approval.

    And his telephone number.

    11. This strong, positive man, who will let you roam free to pursue your dreams.

    12. These sexy Scots, who really admire your strong opinions and free spirit.

    13. This cute wedding guest, who doesn't want you to worry about current events.

    14. This guy, who will listen patiently, and give you the space you need to grow as a person.

    15. This man, who is thinking up ways to support, encourage, and validate you.

    16. This visionary chap, who thinks that you should be excited by the future, not worried by it.

    He has faith in you, and also a very impressive beard.

    17. This cute Glaswegian, who wants to take you shopping and buy you prosecco.

    18. This chap, who is happy to listen to your hopes and visions for the future, and offer insight.

    19. And this thoughtful Scotsman, who will never judge you, or put constraints on your dreams.

    Not least because he'll be too busy polishing his massive, thick cannon. *Fans self*

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