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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    The 23 Most Middle-Class Things That Have Ever Happened In Edinburgh

    "No English asparagus...I can no longer shop exclusively at Waitrose."

    1. These "kids favourites".

    Edinburgh? A bit middle-class? Surely not! #EdFringe #fishfingersbegone

    2. These messages from very vexed Edinburgh Waitrose customers.

    What is an #Edinburgh #Waitrose customer like? Check their comments book. "Hunter" and "Toni Buchan" recommended


    "No English asparagus, no jersey royals – peak season. No pastry cases. I can no longer shop exclusively at Waitrose."

    3. The most middle-class alternative to a Halloween pumpkin of all time.

    Guising around South Edinburgh, where they make lanterns with leftover Waitrose peppers

    4. This dapper AF couple


    5. Pretty much every single beer on this menu.

    Ooh @cloudwaterbrew IPA on the menu in Timberyard #Edinburgh

    6. This less-than-magical rip-off.

    Middle class charity shops = £25 for Potter still in his box. #edinburgh

    7. This "percolated" chicken broth.

    @WeWantPlates chicken broth, "percolating" in Edinburgh. 😐

    8. These cheesy political puns at a posh Morningside deli.

    9. This Edinburgh penguin's knighthood.

    10. This pub sign that's too clever for its own good.

    11. And this one.

    Haha. Fine wine times in Edinburgh.

    12. This condescending bus request.

    Only Edinburgh buses are middle-class enough to be so passive aggressive...

    13. This practical, handy event.

    Just saw a penny farthing sale casually going on at the side of the road #onlyinEdinburgh

    14. And this guy who clearly bagged himself a bargain.

    15. Perhaps he's on his way to this incredibly upper-crust charity bike ride?

    The Edinburgh Harris Tweed Ride 2015 is coming to town on the 4th October. Tickets:

    16. This extremely mild act of civic disobedience.

    Most #Edinburgh prank ever, 'lets put this nice chair on a bin, JAPES'

    17. This chummy scrawled message that sounds like something a nanny would say.

    Spotted in #Edinburgh's Rodney Street, yes indeed @Nigel_Farage let's have no fear of strangers

    18. And this thoroughly wholesome graffiti.

    This little #quiche of #Edinburgh graffiti made me think of you @owengower

    19. This highly targeted Lidl ad.

    Advertisement for Lidl in middle class Edinburgh haha #lidl #Edinburgh #Scotland

    20. This disgruntled tweet from David, who clearly can't bring himself to eat non-posh crackling.

    Never knowingly sold at all. @waitrose Morningside

    21. This unbelievable flatshare advert.

    "One sensibly-priced room for someone *charming*. I am looking for someone reflective, open, careful and creative to move into the 15m room in my small Stockbridge flat... Ideally, you should be interested in the arts, yours and society, be clean in communal areas and vegetarian / conscious of what you consume."

    22. And finally, this "gang".

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