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26 Pictures That Sum Up The Struggles Of Working In A Supermarket

You see potatoes, I see PLU-3128s. H/T Supermarket Memes

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1. When a customer makes the same joke you've heard 1,928,093 times before:

2. When they expect you to be a maths genius:

3. Even though they can't add up their shopping:

4. When your colleagues have zero chill:

5. When every single customer makes the same damn comment after a re-merch:

6. When an older customer is being cantankerous AF:

20th Century Fox / Facebook: Supermarketmemes

7. When new starters ask dumb questions:

8. When your hours make it hard to find a second job:

9. When you finally close for the night:

10. When people just can't change their ways:

11. When someone buys onions:

12. When customers refuse to plan ahead:

13. And then argue about not planning ahead:

14. When your brain is just 99% produce codes:

15. When your partner just doesn't get it:

16. When the customers refuse to use their eyes:

17. Like, seriously:

18. *Facepalm*

19. When someone thinks you're just paid to chat:

20. Or thinks you've got all day to wait around:

21. When a customer abandons their basket or trolley:

22. Or just throws a bunch of stuff wherever:

23. When a customer just won't stop banging on:

24. And when they tell you pointless information:

25. When the people with the biggest trolley pick you:

26. And of course:

Politeness costs nothing, you bastards.
Facebook: Supermarketmemes

Politeness costs nothing, you bastards.