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    The 19 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened On "The Apprentice"

    Cutting it down to just 19 was very hard, to be fair. H/t @bbcapprentice

    1. When the candidates made racist gin.

    A gin infused with artificial orange colouring that celebrates colonialism and features an incorrect map. Only on…

    2. When Karthik said he "project managed" his baby.

    3. When the boys tried to invent a shampoo name.

    4. When the girls LOST THEIR PRODUCT.

    5. When Solomon basically just handed in a crayon drawing of some boats as a business plan.

    6. And when Claude totally denied him a handshake.

    7. When this painful moment was captured for posterity.

    The world’s least tender hug. #theapprentice

    8. When Yasmina fucked up the perfume task.

    9. When Karren wouldn't tolerate any sexist nonsense.

    It’s not wise to suggest that only attractive females should sell your products. Especially in front of…

    10. When no one was interested in buying a salad.

    Worst salad salesman ever. #theapprentice

    11. When Courtney was asked to share something he'd do if he knew he wouldn't get caught.

    12. When Charleine's spelling left a lot to be desired.

    13. And when she assumed she was safe.

    14. When Susan thought French people were aliens.

    15. When Alana offered to fire her boyfriend (and business partner) during the interviews.

    16. When the business bullshit reached nuclear levels.

    17. Two words: "SUCK IT." No, five: "WHO WANTS TO SUCK IT."

    Most Inappropriate. Sales Pitch. Ever. #theapprentice

    Oh Karthik.

    18. When Mergim forgot what nails were.

    19. And, of course, when Philip invented "Pantsman".