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22 Magical Scottish Animal And Nature Tattoos That You'll Love

Let's take a walk on the wild side.

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1. This stylised, stylish stag.

4. This sassy, tousled Highland coo.

Instagram: @insidertattoo

6. This spectacular osprey, preparing to dive.

Instagram: @samanthamancino

7. This intricate, delicate sprig of heather.

Instagram: @ofrick

8. This truly beautiful spring hare.

Instagram: @josiesexton

9. This sly fox, who knows what's up.

Instagram: @mikstattoo

10. This slightly spooky forest scene.

Instagram: @valcheva

11. This beautiful vixen, and her tattoo.

Instagram: @inkdependenttattoos

17. This iridescent red grouse.

Instagram: @abell

18. This pensive Scottish wildcat.

19. This confident, colourful stag.

Instagram: @naiomitattoo

20. This beautiful lochside scene.

21. This happy otter, who's waving hello.

Instagram: @erica_tattooer

22. And finally, this cheeky Loch Ness monster.

Instagram: @jessievillars

Who says Nessie isn't real? She's as real as the tattoo on this foot.