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    24 Reasons Dobermans Are Truly Scary, Dangerous Dogs

    They're the most vicious dog breed ever to walk the Earth.

    1. Everyone knows that dobermans are scary dogs.

    This guy is clearly a monster.

    2. They're constantly alert and on guard.

    3. Even as puppies.

    Dobby is ready to pounce.

    4. They're far too fierce to make good lap dogs.

    5. They have no manners whatsoever.


    Especially at feeding time. They're savages.

    6. They’re too dangerous to be used as therapy pets.

    This service dog is clearly just biding his time.

    7. And they have absolutely no patience at all.

    8. So they can't be trusted around other animals.

    9. Especially not baby bunnies.

    10. And it goes without saying that they should never be allowed anywhere near children.

    11. See?

    Run, small child! Run!

    12. They're attack dogs who don't know how to play...

    13. ...or have fun.

    14. They hate trying new things.

    15. As everyone knows, they're just junkyard dogs...

    16. ...bred to be emotionless, fierce monsters...

    Who definitely don't need to cuddle up to a cat for comfort.

    17. ...which means they don't need a loving home.

    Twitter: @taychabot

    This dog would clearly prefer to be chained up in a garbage tip.

    18. They definitely don't crave love or affection.

    19. And they hate cuddles and kisses, too.

    "Urgh, get off me." – This dog.

    20. Plus it's not like there are that many in shelters.

    Twitter: @sahumane

    Apart from Jigglypuff, and thousands of his friends.

    21. Anyway, would you even want such a mean-looking dog?

    22. No, of course you wouldn't.

    23. They're not cute, sweet, or appealing at all.


    24. Yep: You’d have to be crazy to let one of these killing machines into your life.

    If you do want to adopt a Doberman, this list of Doberman rescue centres in the UK is a good place to start your search, as is this list of organisations in the US.

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