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    16 Things That Prove The World Is Getting Better, Not Worse

    It's honestly not all doom and gloom. H/T Futurism and Wired.

    1. Twenty-four nations have come together to create the world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica.

    2. And Chile just converted an incredible 11 million acres of land into protected national parks.

    3. Giant pandas are no longer endangered.

    4. Canada is trialling a basic income programme.

    5. Plastic-eating caterpillars could help cut pollution.

    6. And the world's growing pile of E-waste could become a thing of the past, too.

    7. Artificial intelligence might solve all our problems.

    8. America has more trees now than it did in 1920.

    9. Jaguars and ranchers are coexisting in Paraguay.

    10. 3D-printed homes may help solve the housing crisis.

    11. Artificial meat production has huge, positive implications for food security and animal welfare.

    12. And vertical farms are helping to feed the world.

    13. Harvard scientists have genetically altered a bacteria that turns CO2 emissions into biofuel.

    14. India's energy minister has pledged to make sure every car in the country is electric by 2030.

    15. Stephen Hawking is planning to send thousands of tiny ships into space to look for alien life.

    16. And NASA says it's going to take humans to Mars.