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    19 Times Kevin Bridges Perfectly Summed Up Scottish Life

    "I once accidentally bought a horse."

    1. On teenage parties:

    2. On Scottish phone boxes:

    3. On Scottish vs American childhoods:

    4. On London:

    5. On the Royal Family:

    6. On Scotland's attitude to the World Cup:

    7. On Scottish parties:

    8. On the Edinburgh / Glasgow divide:

    9. On who should be Glasgow's official representative for tourism purposes:

    10. On an independent Scotland's time zone:

    11. On that one furious drunk guy at every party:

    12. Who inevitably ends up doing this:

    13. On Glasgow's direct approach to language:

    14. And its robust attitude to terrorism:

    15. On workfare:

    16. On babies:

    17. On dogs:

    18. On official invitations from David Cameron:

    Got this through the door today, my heart is saying "fuck that" and my head is saying "Aye, fuck that"

    19. And, most importantly, on accidentally buying a horse:

    You can, and should, watch the full clip here.

    Scotland loves you, Kevin.