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Life In Japan Vs. Life In Britain

Why fill in a sinkhole when you can just draw a cock and balls around it instead?

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1. Festivals in Japan:

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

Festivals in Britain:

2. Customer service in Japan: / Creative Commons

Customer service in Britain:

3. Hotels in Japan:

Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images

Hotels in Britain: / BuzzFeed

4. Urban wildlife in Japan:

Flickr: tracer / Creative Commons

Urban wildlife in Britain:

5. Public transport in Japan:

Public transport in Britain:

6. Friendships in Japan:

Friendships in Britain:

Pubs in Britain:

8. Cafés in Japan:

Vcg / Getty Images

Cafés in Britain:

9. Fast food in Japan:

Martinhosmart / Getty Images

Fast food in Britain:

10. Pensioners in Japan:

Bee32 / Getty Images

Pensioners in Britain:

11. Road repairs in Japan:

Road repairs in Britain:

Oh, Britain.