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    Posted on Nov 6, 2017

    21 Fucking Offensive Food Crimes That Will Upset All Scottish People

    Who disguises an onion as a fucking chocolate apple? FFS.

    1. This plate full of beige sadness.

    Twitter: @laurenmccartan5

    Crinkle cut, too. Is there no god?

    2. This absolute travesty.

    Twitter: @pcon666

    No one is ever that desperate for tiny chocolate balls, surely?

    3. Connor's unholy fusion experiment.

    Twitter: @copperbaws

    Shame on you, Connor. That's no way to treat chow mein.

    4. This unbelievable act of violence against wine.

    Twitter: @melfyx

    That is not heavy smart, that is cold grape and tattie soup.

    5. This salad pizza.

    Twitter: @wandererways94

    Is there even any cheese on it?!

    6. And this "cup" of "tea".

    Twitter: @robmanuel

    It's completely stewed, too. What an outrage.

    7. This waste of a delicious cheesy treat.

    Twitter: @pastachips

    Peanut butter? With cheese? And onions? Fuck sake.

    8. And this diabolical rebranding of our favourite snack.

    Twitter: @Taxi_Vader

    You may take our lives, but you may never take our pastry tubes full of meat.

    9. This messed-up, Frankenstein's monster of a pie.

    Twitter: @desmclean

    If you ate this when you were hungover you'd probably die.

    10. This unwise attempt at "healthy eating".

    Twitter: @jenn2nn

    Healthy eating = giving yourself food poisoning with uncooked offal.

    11. And this "sweet" treat for a slimmer.

    Twitter: @lauzmur

    Why not just...leave the pasta out?

    12. This monstrous attack on some innocent bread.

    Twitter: @Almckayy

    Is his flatmate a Demogorgon?

    13. This runny platter of milkshake.

    Twitter: @Alic0ban

    It doesn't help that it's the colour of a used plaster, either.

    14. This order of "onion rings" from a Glasgow takeaway.

    Twitter: @andy_brownmusic

    You can just feel the disappointment radiating from this photo.

    15. This public safety announcement.

    Twitter: @goudie15


    16. This waste of a perfectly good pizza.

    Twitter: @_IamMunz_

    "What time is it?" "Quarter past cheese."

    17. This tragic tea.

    Twitter: @joshowens720

    It looks like a scene from a torture porn version of Chicken Run .

    18. This complete waste of a trip to McDonald's.

    Twitter: @alexward07

    McDonald's food is delicious. Gherkins are not.

    19. This act of pure evil.

    Twitter: @Robbie3Nimmo

    Pray for Robbie.

    20. This wasteful behaviour.

    Twitter: @weekiirky_x

    You're just asking for stale cereal if you do this.

    21. And this demonic Halloween prank.

    Twitter: @mattyrobsonn

    Someone house is definitely going to get egged. And possibly onioned as well.

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