11 Irish And 14 Scottish Pics That Prove They're The Fucking Greatest Countries

    The union of craic strikes again.

    1. When this letter somehow got to its destination.

    2. When an irate Glaswegian told Google off.

    3. When these legends made the most of a flood.

    4. When this Scottish pub came up with the best sign.

    5. When this Irish tile shop had their priorities right.

    6. And so did this restaurant.

    7. When this Edinburgh takeaway ruined our childhoods.

    8. When this Scottish pensioner decided to show off.

    9. And when this Irish OAP trolled his neighbours.

    10. When this Scottish rugby star just DGAF.

    11. When this Dublin shopkeeper was deeply honest.

    12. When this Scot had the best response to Trump.

    13. And when a Scottish bakery made these biscuits.

    14. When this Irish delicacy was spotted in a shop.

    15. When these Dundonians decided to make the most of the sunny weather.

    16. When this Irish farmer was an inspiration to us all.

    17. When someone took time out of their day to do this.

    18. When there was no doubt that this Irish sesh was lit.

    19. When this Scottish cat was allowed to rule the roost.

    20. When Glaswegians improved this sign.

    21. And then took their graffiti game to the next level.

    22. When this Irish tyre company got in on the latest trend.

    23. When this baffling event took place.

    24. When a Scottish dad came up with this inspired costume.

    25. And when these guys won Halloween forever.