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    19 Cute AF Photos That Prove That Fluffy Highland Cows = Dogs


    1. Like dogs, highland cows are adorable idiots.

    And they love to scratch their butts.

    2. They love to play, too.

    And chase things. This goat was cool with it though.

    3. And they make friends easily.

    This photo is essentially Stranger Things 2 but with cows.

    4. Their calves are basically puppies with hooves.

    5. Though some of them look a bit more like teddy bears.

    6. Seriously, just look at this little calfbearpuppy.

    *Dies of cuteness overload*

    7. They'll go for a swim if they get the chance.

    This dude probably went in after a stick.

    8. And they curl up when they go to sleep.

    Sweet dreams, little cow dog.

    9. They're super happy, and they love to have fun.

    "Did you ask if I wanted to go for a....walk?"

    10. They love people SO much (and cuddles too).

    I would let this guy up on my sofa.

    11. See?

    "I love you smol human."

    12. They are excellent fluffy mothers to their fluffy babies.

    Plus their coats are shaggier than any hound.

    13. And they're very patient, too.

    "Hi mum can you give me a lift to the barn thx."

    14. If you don't keep your guard up, they'll lick you to death.

    Well, not death, exactly...but you'll be a lot soggier.

    15. And snow drives them crazzzzzzy.

    "WHEEEEEE OMFG SNOWWWW!" – this guy.

    16. You can take them for walks on a lead.


    Every office should have a "bring your cow to work day".

    17. They're fiercely loyal and protective of their friends.

    18. This ginger princess is hunting for her next hug.

    We must find her and keep her safe.

    19. Yep, there's no doubt: they're definitely dogs.

    Instagram: @happyhensandhighlands

    Just look at this guy and his BFF. End of discussion. *drops mic*