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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    25 Socially Awkward Moments Everyone Who Hates Getting Their Hair Cut Has Experienced

    Head massages are so creepy.

    1. For some people, going to the hairdresser is an enjoyable experience.

    2. But for others, it's a stone cold nightmare to be avoided if possible.

    @Sierra_Gothard guess you hate the hairdresser? #EmbarassYourBestFriend (:

    3. Maybe you're haunted by the memory of a terrible haircut you got as a child.

    4. Or perhaps you're just not into the unending social awkwardness of it all.

    This is literally me because I hate small talk with my hairdresser 😂😂

    5. At times, your hairdresser-phobia gets so bad you decide to take matters into your own hands.

    Is this a bad idea? I have a phobia of small talk with the hairdresser. #weirdo #ratchet lol.

    6. But it rarely ends well.

    i cut my own hair and i feel like vanessa hudgens in that one movie that makes me cry

    Especially if you have a fringe, which you just watch getting shorter and shorter as you try to "even it up a bit."

    7. You wish you could be one of those people who are totally chill about going to the salon.

    8. But you hate every single thing about it, so you try to put it off for as long as possible.

    9. The feeling of being out of control isn't a great one, especially if you like to look a certain way.

    10. And the idea of getting a free – or student hairdresser – cut fills you with dread.

    11. Going to a brand-new hairdresser is the absolute worst.

    Going to a new hairdresser is making me way too anxious. It'll be ok, Nat. They won't do this to you #neverforget

    So you stick with the not-quite-perfect one you've been visiting for years instead, even if they do sometimes miss bits of hair or leave you with a wonky fringe.

    12. You memorise exactly what you'll tell the hairdresser before you go in to minimise the chance of a bad cut.

    13. But when the time comes to actually tell them what you want, you end up nervously mumbling some nonsense instead.

    Fox /

    And have to see the awful consequences play out in the mirror.

    14. The supposedly relaxing head massage at the start just makes you tense up more.

    Warner Bros. /

    It's super creepy, especially if they're making small talk at the same time.

    15. And then comes the crapfest that is staring at your wet-haired, drippy, tense reflection for an hour.

    16. The sudden jolt of alarm when they make the first incision is the absolute worst, especially if it's a big chunk.

    17. But it's hard to focus on that, as the feeling of being covered in itchy bits of hair is almost as bad.

    18. You follow the hairdresser's every tiny movement like your life depends on it.

    That awkward moment when your hairdresser doesn't listen to a word you said... #OITNB.

    As if by concentrating really hard you can somehow communicate what you actually want to the scissors, and they'll do your bidding.

    19. Even though part of you would much rather zone out until the whole nerve-wracking process is over.

    I hate going to the hairdresser. 2 1/2 and still a loooong way to go

    Salons should definitely be allowed to use general anaesthetic on clients.

    20. When they show you what they've done, you inevitably hear yourself say "fine".

    21. If they haven't cut as much off as you wanted, you think: "What was the point of me going through this hell?"

    22. But even worse is the horrified gutpunch when you realise they took off waaaaaay too much.

    Every time I hate going to the hairdresser #Girlproblems

    It's basically like a bereavement, but for hair. Haireavement.

    23. If they did mess up, no matter how good people tell you it looks, you refuse to like it on principle.

    24. Sometimes, just sometimes, the pain is worth it and you absolutely love your look.

    25. But more often than not, you end up regretting the whole thing.

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