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24 Times The Universe Decided To Prove It Has A Better Sense Of Humour Than You

Thanks, Universe! H/T Accidental Comedy

1. When it decided to show how baby clouds are made.

2. When these perfectly timed tech stories popped up.

3. And when these ads lined up oh-so-perfectly.

4. When this happened:

5. And this:

6. Not to mention this:

7. When Blaine forgot the "think before you tweet" rule.

8. When this panoramic shot didn't quite go to plan.

9. And neither did this.

10. When this fun activity took a dark turn.

11. When this beautiful bride went for a stroll.

12. When Elmo got a bit trigger happy.

13. When this guy found his doppelganger.

14. When this double spread got messy.

15. When a swimmer's elbow and a crappy phone camera combined to create this work of art.

16. And when we were blessed with these "American" names.

17. When some genius did this to a pic of Rick Perry.

18. When this fortune cookie was the definition of irony.

19. And so was this sign.

20. When this bush turned soccer into something far more fun.

21. And when this player pooped out a ball.

22. When this dog ate a dog Monopoly piece.

23. When this...wait, what the hell happened here?

24. And when this commuter thought he'd pulled.