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    18 Appalling, Hilarious, And Crazy Things Gamers Have Done In "Grand Theft Auto V"

    GTA brings out the Trevor in all of us. H/t IGN, this Reddit thread, and Gamefaqs.


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    "I picked up a cow in a digger and drove it around the city for a while to experience freedom. After giving it a really good tour I got out of the digger and beat it to death with a baseball bat."


    Rockstar Games

    "My (GTA Online) thing recently has been getting cargobobs (the helicopters with tow cables), grabbing another players car with them in it, then dropping them off on top of a skyscraper."


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    "I followed a gardener to and from work for three days, on the third day I got to his work before him and placed a bomb in the flower bed where he always went first. Then I found a safe place to sit and waited for the gardener to turn up. He arrived dead on time and went to his place by the flower bed. I blew him sky high."


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    "In GTA V I regularly call 911 for the fire department, wait for them to arrive, punch one of the firemen and get them to attack me. Then I kill him and the others with Molotovs and steal the truck."


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    "I pushed Chop into Franklin's swimming pool, then threw C4 into the pool with him and set it off.


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    "I smashed up the hippie commune with a cement mixer."


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    "I spend entire evenings just pushing hikers off cliffs. Entire. Evenings."


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    "I got a bear, two deer, and two mountain lions to follow me to the tallest mountain. Once they were in the middle of the peak I RPG'd them, and watched a firey rain of animals fall from the mountain top, hitting vehicles below. NOW LIFE IS COMPLETE."


    Rockstar Games

    "I drove a jet ski into the beach at full speed and just for fun tried to reach a group of friends who were standing by a fire on the beach. My jet ski juuuust made it and ever so slightly bumped the first guy forward, which made him faceplant into the fire. He cooked instantly. I really wasn't expecting it."


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    "I picked up some random hitchhiker and instead of taking them home I sold them to a cult in the mountains."


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    "I was driving *cough* moderately fast and rear ended someone else's car. They died but kept their foot on the accelerator, drove off a cliff, rolled down the cliff in their car, crashed into a bunch of homeless people and killed everyone.

    I was so shocked by the chain of events that I just stood there, and watched as the ambulance checked every single corpse at the bottom of the hill."


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    "I went to the barber as Michael, shaved his head, made him grow a beard and went all Breaking Bad on a bunch of civilians. Ended up heading into the desert to continue it and ran into similar characters like Uncle Jack. I proceeded to shoot all the meth heads out there yelling 'I AM THE DANGER!'"


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    "I hijacked a bus loaded with passengers and drove it into the ocean."


    Rockstar Games

    "I was Trevor in GTA V. I stole a tour bus in the city at night that was filled with people. I proceeded to drive out to the desert and once I got to a nice, quiet, spot I took out my silenced pistol and picked them all off one by one, making them beg for their lives. Once I was all done with it I realised I couldn't just leave a bus full of dead people sitting there where any person could stumble across it. So I got back in and drove to the nearest rail road tracks. I parked the bus on the tracks, got out, and waited for a train to come. The train and the bus blew up. No one ever knew."


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    "I'd have to go with the time I was playing multiplayer, I stole a plane and decided to crash it into someone, yelling "9/11 B*TCH!

    I'm not proud."


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    "There was a mob of women in a circle admiring someone being a statue at the pier. So i got jealous, walked up and uppercutted him, then all the women started beating me with their purses. I shot them with my SMG."


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    "I'm playing online and I find a place to get helicopters. I wanted to see if someone would get in the helicopter with me so I take it and land in front of someone.

    Unsurprisingly, I'm shot and killed and they take my helicopter. It's no big deal though since I can get a new helicopter pretty quick, so I do this again a few more times to the same end. After about 6 or 7 times of this happening, someone finally decides not to shoot and rob me. Instead, very cautiously, they get in with me.

    I take my new friend/guest/hostage around the map with me to all the cool places I've found. I take him to the top of a mountain, to the wind turbine farm, to the amusement park, we go all over and he genuinely seems to enjoy the experiences. At each stop, he gets out and politely looks around, as if in appreciation, and then gets back in the chopper with me. No words are exchanged at all since neither of us has a microphone, but nothing needs to be said.

    After about 15 minutes, I take him to the top of the tallest building in the game. He goes to the edge and looks over the city. It's sunset, and it's beautiful. It's serene. He's enjoying the view. Before I know it, I have my pistol out and pointed at the back of his head. I ask myself "am I really different than all the other animals playing online here?" And as his limp body tumbled off the roof, I chuckled and thought, "no, no I'm not any different."

    I like to think it was a learning experience for both of us."

    18. ...and the worst one of all.

    Rockstar Games

    "I left halfway through a GTA online heist."

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