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21 Things Everyone Must Eat In Glasgow

Don't have a hotdog, have a notdog.

1. The Classic Beef Pho at Hanoi Bike Shop.

2. The Cali Burger at Bread Meats Bread.

3. The "Notdog" at Bloc.

4. The Oreo Milkshake at Grill On The Corner.

5. Seitan Asada at The Squid and Whale.

6. The Piggy Back Burger at Roast.

7. Slow cooked barbecue pork tacos at Taco Mazama.

8. Vegan black pudding and beetroot wrap at Stereo.

9. Sev Puri at Babu Bombay Street Kitchen.

10. The Chilli Cheese Dog at Lebowskis.

11. Roasted root vegetable, chilli and puy lentil salad at The Glad Cafe.

12. Eggs Benedict at The Hyndland Fox.

13. Vegan bánh mì at Mono.

14. The Smoked Tasting Plate at The Meat Bar.

15. A full vegan breakfast at 13th Note.

16. Brioche french toast at Cafe Gandolfi.

17. Vegetarian haggis fritters at Saramago Café.

18. Macaroni pie and chips at Old Salty's.

19. The Witchfynder General bagel at Where The Monkey Sleeps.

20. Rare roast beef, beetroot and horseradish salad at Kember & Jones.

21. Candied hazelnut doughnuts with a white chocolate and tonka bean dip at Drygate Brewhouse.

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