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This Is What The Price Of A London Home Could Buy In Scotland

A studio flat in London now costs more than a 17th-century baronial castle in Scotland.

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London: Ilford (£100,000)

Bedrooms: 1
Property type: Studio

• Comes with free plastic-wrapped mattress and out-of-place office chairs

• Seems to be a garden shed with delusions of grandeur

• 45 minutes from central London via the tube


Scotland: Kilmun, Argyll and Bute (£300,000)

Bedrooms: 4
Property type: Detached house

• Gorgeous, whitewashed Victorian villa overlooking Holy Loch

• Also has a conservatory, garden, library, and music room

• 1 hour 45 minutes from Glasgow via a scenic ferry journey

Scotland: Rosehearty, Aberdeen (£420,000)

Bedrooms: 4
Property type: Detached house

• Converted early 1950s RAF bombing tower

• Set in 0.529 hectares of walled garden

• The windows are bomb- and bullet-proof: ideal if you're on the run from the Mafia


London: Soho (£645,000)

Bedrooms: 1
Property type: Studio flat

• In the heart of London, just a stone's throw from Covent Garden

• Comes with fridge-freezer, washing machine and teeny-tiny oven

• Would feel relatively spacious if you didn't have any possessions


Scotland: Pathhead, Midlothian (£745,000)

Bedrooms: 5
Property type: Detached house

• Period manse built in 1835 with a courtyard, wine cellar, conservatory, and extensive grounds

• A half-hour drive from Edinburgh city centre

• No porter though, which just proves you can't have everything

London: Chelsea (£800,000)

Bedrooms: 1
Property type: Flat

• In need of modernisation and some extensive carpet cleaning

• Separate kitchen and west-facing bedroom

• Shower is the ideal height for a tiny adult or tall child


Scotland: Insch, Aberdeenshire (£900,000)

Bedrooms: 8
Property type: Castle

• Whoever buys it will also receive the title Baron or Baroness Leslie

• Has a Great Hall, large fireplaces, turrets, and tower

• You can pretend you're in Game of Thrones

London: Ealing (£1,000,000)

Bedrooms: 3
Property type: Terraced house

• Price also includes the takeaway business downstairs

• Right next to Ealing tube station

• Free carrier bag, but you'll have to get it down from the curtain rail first

Scotland: Biggar, Scottish Borders (£1,100,000)

Bedrooms: 16
Property type: Detached house

• Magnificent listed former laird's house dating to around 1668

• 1.63 acres of grounds, including a croquet lawn

• So big that the piano gets its very own room

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