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18 Things That Prove Edinburgh Is Basically Scottish London

A cheese toastie restaurant? A beard oil shop called "The Brotique"? Get tae.

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3. The fact that there's a shop called "The Brotique".

Instagram: @the_brotique

"Unique gifts for men who have everything. Home to the legendary £180 ManHamper. Men's grooming, beard oils, and beard care. " Oh, do please fuck off.


11. And so is this piece of mild fuckwittery.

Absinthe bar in a horse box by the Meadows. #edfringe #twitter

There's just no need.


16. And cafés that charge almost £3 for fizzy juice.

£2.60 for a bottle eh juice aye right ad rather drink pish only in Edinburgh

It's IRN-BRU, not champagne.

18. And when you finish your overpriced drinks, you can wee them away into these champagne bucket urinals.

In a posh pub in Edinburgh and this is where ye pish in. This canni be real surely this is a set up am fae Whitburn

Edinburgh: You've finally peaked. Well done.