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    Edinburgh On Instagram Vs Edinburgh In Real Life

    Castle? What castle?

    1. Arthur's Seat on Instagram.

    Arthur's Seat in real life.

    2. The Botanic Gardens on Instagram.

    The Botanic Gardens in real life. / Creative Commons

    3. Edinburgh street performers on Instagram.

    Edinburgh street performers in real life.

    Edinburgh chip shops in real life.

    5. Edinburgh streets on Instagram.

    Edinburgh streets in real life.

    The Elephant House in real life.

    7. Springtime in Leith on Instagram.

    Springtime in Leith in real life.

    8. The Edinburgh Fringe on Instagram.

    The Edinburgh Fringe in real life. / Metro

    9. The Royal Mile on Instagram

    The Royal Mile in real life.

    10. The University of Edinburgh on Instagram.

    The University of Edinburgh in real life. / Creative Commons

    11. Edinburgh salons on Instagram.

    Edinburgh salons in real life.

    12. Edinburgh markets on Instagram.

    Edinburgh markets in real life. / Creative Commons

    13. Portobello Beach on Instagram.

    Portobello Beach in real life.

    Flickr: bisonbison / Creative Commons

    14. Edinburgh clubs on Instagram.

    Edinburgh clubs in real life.

    15. Edinburgh pubs on Instagram.

    Edinburgh pubs in real life. / Creative Commons

    16. Edinburgh shops on Instagram.

    Edinburgh shops in real life.

    17. Dating in Edinburgh on Instagram.

    Dating in Edinburgh in real life.

    18. Edinburgh Castle on Instagram.

    Edinburgh Castle in real life. / Creative Commons

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