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    22 Reasons You Definitely Shouldn't Get Married In Scotland

    It's the worst decision you'll ever make. Honest. H/t Crieff Photography.

    1. Firstly, it rains all the time in Scotland, as you know.

    Couple: Mary and Rob. Photographer: Lindsay Mackenzie Parker / Via

    Which means you certainly can't plan an outdoor wedding.

    2. Yes, the skies in Scotland are never, ever blue.

    Couple: Hilary and Mads / Photographer: Brian O'Neill /

    This is clearly photoshopped.

    3. So this lochside ceremony is definitely imaginary.

    4. And if rain did appear, it would ruin your photos.

    Neil Douglas Photography / Via

    See? There's definitely nothing incredible, moody, or romantic about this coastal wedding on the Isle of Skye.

    5. The indoor venues aren't worth considering.

    Dylan and Joanna Kitchener/ Kitchener Photography / Via

    Like The Byre At Inchyra, which definitely isn't adorable or quaint.

    6. Castles are a big no-no, too.

    Couple: Helen and Doug. Photographer: Jen Owens Images / Via

    Sure they might look majestic, but what about all the ghosts? Not worth the risk.

    7. The countryside is dull and driech.

    8. And cities don't offer a pretty backdrop either.

    9. OK, maybe getting married in Glasgow is alright.

    10. You won't find any quirky venues dotted around.

    Couple: Clare and Lawrence. Photographer: Caro Weiss Photography / Via

    Well, apart from Roulotte Retreat in the Borders. And some others. But that's it.

    11. Plus even if you found somewhere you liked, it's not like you can just get married anywhere.

    12. If you got married in Scotland, your guests might want to wear kilts.

    13. Or play bagpipes. Can you imagine?

    Couple: Sophie and Martin. Photographer: Brian O’Neill / Via

    You don't want to feel stirred or patriotic on your big day, surely.

    14. And what would the bride even wear?

    Flickr: lukasz-dunikowski / Creative Commons

    Not this tartan wedding dress, with a silk underskirt, ruffles, and laces. No siree.

    15. There certainly aren't any deeply romantic ancient traditions in Scotland.

    16. Cutting your cake with a Scottish sword? Nah.

    17. Remote bothies aren't really that romantic.

    Couple: Christian and Juliane. Photographer: Eilidh Robertson Photography / Via

    Hmm. OK maybe this one is, but it's probably the exception to the rule.

    18. And Scottish flowers make terrible decorations..

    19. Who would want to get married on a boat in the middle of Loch Lomond? No one, that's who.

    Couple: Julie and John. Photographer: Caro Weiss Photography / Via

    Well, this extremely happy couple, I suppose. But just them.

    20. Admit it: you want to spend your big day in a huge country mansion in the Cotswolds, surely?

    Couple: Rosie and Colin. Photographer: Mirrorbox Photography / Via

    And definitely not at Lunga House in Craobh Haven, Argyll.

    21. In short, you don't want to get married in Scotland.

    Couple: Phil & Annalie / Photographer: Brian O’Neill / Via

    Please ignore this radiant photo. Move along. Nothing to see here. 💕

    22. Nope, it's just not a deeply romantic place at all.

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