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Cranachan Doughnuts Are The Thing That's Been Missing From Your Life

Whisky + raspberries + cream = heaven.

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This is cranachan. Lovely, creamy cranachan.

It's a Scottish dessert made with whisky, raspberries, honey, whipped cream, and toasted, whisky-infused oats. So good.

And this is a doughnut.

Meh. Nice, but not as exciting.

Aren't they the loveliest things?


They're not simply doughnuts filled with raspberries, honey, oats, and cream: The dough is infused with whisky too, and a dash of lemon to offset the sweetness.


All Teadough's doughnuts are freshly made by hand.


Hannah told BuzzFeed: "Making fresh doughnuts is trickier than you might think. The dough has to be left to rise in the fridge overnight, and after being knocked back the dough balls have to rise for another four hours."

Their ancestor's 1803 recipe called for the doughnuts to be cooked in "hog's-lard", but thankfully Teadough's modern versions are entirely vegetarian.

If you're not a cranachan fan, you could always try these chocolate and hazelnut doughnuts instead.


Teadough also sell white chocolate and vanilla crème patisserie doughnuts, and are trialling salted caramel, and fresh rhubarb and rose flavoured doughnuts as well.


Teadough run stalls at various food festivals and events in and around Edinburgh. Check out their Facebook page to keep track of their whereabouts.