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This Is What Diet Recipes Were Like In The 1970s

Molded asparagus salad, anyone? Via Candyboots, where you can see these recipe cards with their original captions by Wendy McClure.

When writer Wendy McClure, of the site Candyboots, stumbled upon a set of 1970s diet cards, she couldn't stop laughing.

Instead of cooking the recipes (and why would she? Why would anyone?), she made them into a book.

1. Molded Asparagus Salad.

2. Chilled Celery Log.

3. Frankfurter Spectacular.

4. Fluffy Mackerel Pudding.

5. Crown Roast of Frankfurters.

6. Broiled Appleburgers.

7. Peach Melba.

8. Stuffed Lettuce Wedges.

9. Spinach And Egg Mold.

10. Jellied Tomato Refresher.

11. Inspiration Soup.

12. Cucumber 'Cream' Salad.

13. Perfect Pizza Lunch.

14. Frozen Cheese Salad.

15. Liver Pâté En Masque.

16. Fish With "Butter" Sauce.

17. Snacks On A Stick.

18. Fruit And Cheese Mold.

19. Lettuce Potage.

20. Fish "Tacos".

21. Madrilène-Cheese Salad.

After a while, Wendy's fans started to recreate some of the recipes at home. Here's the Chilled Celery Log:

Molded Asparagus Salad:

Fluffy Mackerel Pudding:

Crown Roast of Frankfurters.

Via Candyboots.