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19 Halloween Costumes That'll Make You Wonder WTF Our Ancestors Were On


1. These....er...things?

2. These melted squirrels.

3. This sack-faced family.

4. This post-apocalyptic Donald Duck and friends.

5. This big cock.

6. These children dressed as stern elderly relatives.

7. This pumpkin and her...friend?

8. These hostages to an evil pumpkin overlord.

9. This attempt at Chewbacca.

10. These sexy telephones.

11. This disappointed toddler.

12. This...I want to say bear?...and its handlers.

13. This class of "adorable" "children".

14. This bundle of curtains that has come to life.

15. This side of beef.

16. And this cabbage lady.

17. Ummm.

18. This ostrich.

19. And this lovely "Minnie Mouse" costume.