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19 Halloween Costumes That'll Make You Wonder WTF Our Ancestors Were On



"What are you going to dress as, Elsie?" "A sex doll holding a giant piece of toast."

2. These melted squirrels.

The original version of Ice Age looks terrifying.

3. This sack-faced family.

No thank you!

4. This post-apocalyptic Donald Duck and friends.

Twitter: @lostla01

The fallout got them good.

5. This big cock.

Twitter: @41Strange

"No, it's fine Albert. You can totally pull this look off."

6. These children dressed as stern elderly relatives.

Facebook: the.vintage.everyday

"No sweets for you, it'll rot your teeth," say the tiny adults.

7. This pumpkin and her...friend?

"We only had enough orange card for one pumpkin, so you're going as a damaged Betamax tape instead."

8. These hostages to an evil pumpkin overlord.

Who seem to have invented 3D glasses.

9. This attempt at Chewbacca.

10. These sexy telephones.

11. This disappointed toddler.

Twitter: @haloweenhistry

"What have I told you, Alfred? Keep your head down."

12. This...I want to say bear?...and its handlers.

13. This class of "adorable" "children".

Twitter: @Faustslaughter

"Why did you quit teaching, Miss Smith?" *Miss Smith starts shaking*

14. This bundle of curtains that has come to life.

Facebook: the.vintage.everyday


15. This side of beef.

Eat your heart out, Lady Gaga.

16. And this cabbage lady.

They're clearly made for each other.

17. Ummm.

18. This ostrich.

"Sorry, can't come to your party as it would mean passing under a low bridge."

19. And this lovely "Minnie Mouse" costume.

"Sweet dreams, children! Also my feet are plates."

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