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22 Photos That Prove Relationships In The US And The UK Are Worlds Apart

Dates in the US: Cute selfies at a baseball game. Dates in the UK: Breaking your hand fingering someone.

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1. Boyfriends in the US:

Boyfriends in the UK:

2. Tinder in the US:

Tinder in the UK:

3. Pregnancy announcements in the US:

Pregnancy announcements in the UK:

4. Bad dates in the US:

Bad dates in the UK:

5. Hitting on people in the US:

Hitting on people in the UK:

6. Jealous partners in the US:

Jealous partners in the UK:

7. Why people break up in the US:

Why people break up in the UK:

8. Valentine's gifts in the US:

Valentine's gifts in the UK:

9. Proposals in the US:

Proposals in the UK:

Weddings in the UK:

2 years ago almost to the minute: jumped an hour-long queue for fish and chips on my wedding day in #aldeburgh

Twitter: @Liverdrawer

11. Relationship goals in the US:

Relationship goals in the UK:

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